It only took 56 years  for Barbie to go from this:


On March 9th 1959, the first Barbie doll went on display at the American Toy Fair in New York City.

to this:


“This is just the beginning. From offering products that feature more empowering and imaginative roles to partnering with best in class role models, we believe in girls and their limitless potential. #YouCanBeAnything “

I am so happy for this new line of dolls. Although it took over 50 years for the Barbie creators to start producing a doll that looks like the majority of the population, it shows us that new management is not trapped in a box. Oscars take note.

Let me explain to you why this is a good thing. First, lets talk about the black doll. The first black Barbie came out during to 70’s, during a time of the Black Power movement.

Black Barbie

“Born La’Chrysanthemum Nichole Jackson, she became Christie because Barbie and her camp thought it was “cuter” and “friendlier.”  They also told everyone she was from Malibu, made her straighten her hair, and put her on a strict diet and workout regimen to keep her proportions as unrealistic as Barbie’s.” According to a This sick  mad me laugh out loud because that is my aunties name without the La’.

Dark skinned, the new Fashionista Barbie nothing like the first one. She is a smooth chocolate color. Like many of my friends may say, she is a chocolate drop. He hair is curly with some color tones added.

Next, we have the tall red curly haired Barbie, which I can attest that I have seen a few women that look just like her. It is rare to see a red head but when you do make sure you know that they too are un represented in many areas of the doll world.

I am loving the blue hair doll. I must say that her hair is giving me life and that is what most of my friends look like after we have reached our 30’s. We all know doctor Barbie is not a 21 year old but a “30 is the new 20” looking woman. She has been through medical school and had plenty of late night with a Dominos pizza box burning the midnight oil. Them hips are everything. I would curious to find out which Barbie will sell out first.

I could go on but I am just so over whelmed with the greatness of these Barbies!!! I don’t care what you are doing but go buy this Barbie right now. I think I will purchase on and make a video on my Youtube channel just so the world can see it!!

The new 2016 Barbie® Fashionistas® doll line includes four body types (the original and three new bodies), seven skin tones, 22 eye colors, 24 hairstyles and countless on-trend fashions and accessories. Adding more diversity into the line continues the journey that Barbie started in 2015 when the brand added 23 dolls with new skin tones, hair colors and, most notably, a flat foot.

Coco                  Amber                Lola                      Prina Dean

Yaasssss Honey!!   (yes I named them too)

Sources: PR


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