It was like something from a movie. I couldn’t imagine seeing it in real life. Jamie Foxx, the actor know for movies like Any Given Sunday and White House Down, rescued a man that was trapped in his car after a car wreck in Hidden Valley, California on Monday.

A young guy was speeding and crashed his Toyota on Monday night around 8:30 p.m and it was right in front of Jamie Foxx’s house. What are the odds right?

The car hit a drainage pipe and concrete, which caused the vehicle to roll over multiple times, authorities said, according to KABC Los Angeles.

“I grabbed the scissors from him, cut the seatbelt,” Foxx said. “As we pulled him out, within five seconds later, the truck goes up (in flames).”

Foxx said he heard the crash, called 911 and then he rushed down to the scene. The truck was already on its side and on fire. The door was locked, and the window was up. Kyle’s brother, Joe Kyle, told ABC News that Brett Kyle broke his collarbone, which in turn punctured his lung, but “he would be in a much worse situation if Jamie Foxx didn’t come along.”

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Some are calling Foxx a hero, but for him he was just doing what he felt was right. There were no camera to catch him in the act and it wasn’t practice for a movie. It is kind of cool to see a actor that plays good roles in movies also apply that in real life.


I don’t think that average person would have ran to an accident to help. They would stand to the side and wait for help. For Jamie fox to run to the danger says a lot about his character. Must respect to Jamie for this selfless act.

What would you have done?

Sources: ABC7 Cover Twitter



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