Hey guys the Pri Party is back this semester!

Aren’t you excited I know you are. lol

This is my senor year and if you read my previous post my winter break was awesome with a capital S.. yeah I said S. I have been thinking of adding some more meat to my show. I have been listening to my favorite radio programs and trying to figure out what I can include on the show beside a lot of booty shaking music.

so here are two ideas I think I will give a try.

I want to leave commercial breaks to small segments that give a little information about what is going on in the media verse.

example: Talk about the viral video that week, a hot topic like “giving men hall pass” or top television shows that are coming back.

I’ll talk about my ¬†plans for the weekend and I’ll post some stories on my Instagram and this blog to direct people to it. Like “hey did you guys read about…” head on over to the Pri Party .com and read all about it.

I will try this concept for a few weeks and see how it goes.


I am currently putting together my play list for the week so if you have any suggestion or want to sit in on the show with me let me know!!



The Pri Party every Saturday night 10 p.m on Bullsradio.org


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