What is your E-Vision board like?

It is New Years Eve and most of you all will be out and about shopping and getting ready to party tonight or stay in with the kids. Whatever you plan to do tonight, I am wishing you a Happy New Years in advance.

The most common thing that has been a trend in the last few years is creating vision boards or making a goal list. I always wanted to do one but never got around to it. I don’t have a group of girls and wine to make it a “Vision Board” Party. What I can do it create my E-Vision Board Blog style.

In recent years my resolutions for the new year has always been simple, do something different than you did the year before. Since 2010, I have moved four times in three different states, attended three different schools, new car, new jobs, better grades, different hair and even different future plans. I think I am the only one that changes my future plans every 6-9 months.

So my Virtual E-vision Board or whatever is as follows. Picture and credit included.





What will be your goals for the new year? What are some things that you can pick out from my list? Like Comment share.











Feature image: Vision board

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