More and more people are going back to school and I am no exception tho that fact. Some people had an idea of exactly what they wanted to do in life and other may have been detoured down a dark ally. I have always loved school and even as a child I hated to miss class with a fear that I would miss out on something. Here I am 31 one and I finally got that first degree at a community college, which by the way I wish I would have done that years ago because it was probably one of the easiest things you could ever do in life. Now I have entered a University and I can rant all day about the differences between the two, but we can talk about that another day.

I got a question

Fall 2015 was my first time every being at a University and also living in a state completely by myself. This was some real big girl shit! Yes, profanity is all I could think of to express the seriousness of this topic. My fianc√© took a higher paying job in Rochester New York and I was not about to transfer to another school at the last minute, to mention I loved the program at the University of South Florida and I wasn’t about to put my education on hold again for a man.(I did that when I was 18)

No idea what I was doing at 18

I really don’t think people understand how important it is for me to complete my education goals because I seriously want to live better and be happy to go to a job I love. I don’t mind the sacrifice i have taken and I can only hope that others see me and hear my story and it could possibly encourage them to make a huge change in their life too. I quit my job and decided to be a full-time student and kick the procrastination demon in the balls but that didn’t work. I didn’t get the straight A’s I planned to grab up like I did at the University but, I did still get that 3.0 G.P.A., I grab an internship with a great community radio station, Joined two professional groups and finally applied to live on campus.

Now your first question maybe, “Why are you living on campus girl?” Well, my answer to that is: I spent more time this semester being broke, starving and without gas in my car than I didn’t read the 4 books required of me. Rent was $850, electric and WIFI was $300, gas was $25 a week if I went nowhere but school and home and finally I had to eat not only on campus but during my 3 day weekend when I wasn’t on campus. In 90 degree weather, it is hard to keep cold drinks or hot food in your car let alone sneak in a quick nap in-between classes. Shit one day I woke up in a hot sweat because I got to campus at 5 a.m. for a parking space and avoiding Tampa traffic, then woke up three hours later as if I as lost in the twilight zone looking around as if I had no idea how I got there. Yet despite it all, I still managed to get an A in Spanish 1, you’ll don’t hear me, though. I didn’t have a job so guest who was paying this bill? Yes, my fiance. I thank God for him but I refuse to let that happen for the next few semesters. So, I applied to live on campus. I got my assignment a few weeks ago and all I can say is wow. I feel like they placed me with the most opposite women they could ever find on the planet but life has a way of making you associate with the best kind of people and you don’t even know it. Two of the females are going to be doctors and one seems to be into travel and Asian culture. Not too much diversity in age but I am sure they couldn’t find that many over 30 women opting to move into campus apartments.

So here are my top 10 fears, thoughts, and excitements about moving on campus over the age of 30.

10. I been cooking for at least 15 years, what if the have allergies to my favorite foods or spices

9. I put my weave in on the weekend, will they be asking me a billion questions as to “how you do that”

8. When I want to be extra fat on my cheat days, will these chicks judge me.

7. What if I want to play my trap music and twerk in my room, will they be asking me to turn it down? Technically that is work also.

6. Will they be able to tell I’m old? can I lie about my age? lol

5. Will they be racist or not understand the struggle? lol

4. What if I snore too loud? my friends and sisters are the only ones that know about my special snore. *uuggh*

3. Are they going be mean because I don’t have time for that and I may have to lay some hands on some people. I can’t handle traits of a meany.

2. Will I need a padlock on my door?  Will they think They need one also?

1. Finally, I really hope it won’t be awkward around my in my campus apartment because I really have to get used to wearing clothes again and sometime I like my belly out. lmao.


at least we have our own rooms







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