My Christmas break PT 1

I finally got to go home this holiday!! Yay right?

I haven’t been to Detroit for Christmas since 2011 so this was a very well deserved trip. The plan was to fly to Rochester New York and then my fiance and I would drive to Detroit. To bad we didn’t realize that you needed an enhanced license or a passport to drive through Canada, because back in the day, living in Detroit all we needed was an ID and a birth certificate. Instead of five hours it took us six and a half hours. I will be sure to get my enhanced licensed soon as I get back to Detroit. This first week was great. I spent every day sleeping as long as I wanted and stayed up as late as my heart desired. During the semester I had a strict bedtime and watched no TV so this winter break was the perfect escape for me.

We got to Detroit on Christmas eve. Of course my best friend Marcus met me at my moms house as he always does when I come in town. That is why I love him so much-basically he is my brother.

Weirdly enough of all the years I have know my friends we have never spent Christmas with each other. We always spend that day with family and then the next day it is turn up central. Somethings never change because that is exactly what we did. Party Prina was in full effect!! We through at huge house party and all family and friends were welcome. Many pictures were taking and the funky punch was in full effect. we all ended it around 3 a.m, which is a good time for us. No one got wasted and we had a nice turn up. This may be the fact that we are also old farts but still we know how to have fun. We will save the “going super hard” for new years weekend which we plan to drive back to Detroit for that. Here are some pictures to give you a recap. How is your Winter break going so far? How was your Christmas? Let me know!






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