So I seen this story about the dab going viral over the last few days and I just made me so hype. What makes this epic is when the Louisville football coach Bobby Petrino did the dance in celebration of the Cardinals’ 38-24 victory over rival Kentucky on Saturday.

and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer “hit The Dab” in the team’s locker room over the weekend after the Buckeyes destroyed Michigan.

This dance tells a story without even reading the story. When I first seen it on Twitter I could tell just by looking at it they won.

It’s nothing major and it is not hard to do but when you see and adult do it, then you know it had to be a moment. This dance is called the dab.

Screenshot 2015-12-01 10.25.55
Pic via Zach Smith Twitter

It has been a popular dance since 2014 but more recently it has gotten attention in the world of sports.

Now a days it seems that a new dance arises every so often, like the Nae-nae for example. I am sure in the next couple of weeks we will see this song and dance in hundreds of videos on Youtube. Then some little 5 year old will be on The Ellen show doing it too.

The quarterback’s dance moves inspired a letter from a mother who found it completely inappropriate. Well you can’t satisfy everyone. Let these players have a little fun. It is not like the guys bust out and did a split. The nerve of this woman.

Screenshot 2015-12-01 10.40.31.png

Lebron does the Dab Oct 2015 via Twitter

I will be adding this song to my play list this week.

Can you do the dab? Did you try to do this just now.





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