Just Keep Smiling!!!


I was getting discouraged when my show was cancelled for a second time because of sports. GO Bulls!! It never crossed my mind to request another time slot. I was really feeling like the forces where trying to hold me back from my destiny but that wasn’t the case.

When the program director came to me and asked me did I want to change my time slot I was immediately excited to oblige.

I peeped back up and keep moving. Yass baby

It had been a hard week for me because I have been saving up to go home for Christmas. If you’re not my mother I have a hard time asking anyone for money. So, I just asked God.

My meals for the the last week has been peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and water. I have been drinking a lot of water.  I have been on campus trying to make sure I pass these classes and helping other students with their work. The semester is almost up and I am so glad. I am creeping into an A in Spanish with a 89.78 % and I have B’s in my other classes.

Overall I am having a blessed back to back week. God is good and I just pray that those that have been there for me are blessed ten fold.

Now.. Who is ready for Thanksgiving!!

The Pri-Party  This Saturday 10 pm on Bullsradio.org download the tune in app or the Stream app and search for bullsradio.

Check me out or at least tell  your friends.

12255486_10102081829698648_1977953007_oWhat I created this week in Mass Comm

Broadcasting live from the Marshall Student Center 24/7
1620 AM on campus, WUSF 89.7 HD3 Tampa and streaming worldwide at Bullsradio.org


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