Still think racism doesn’t exist?

#Fact This is proof racism still exist and always will. Khris wrote a story titled: “Ways to improve Rochester” (ran in the paper September 11, 2015)

It reads:
“Sterilize all black males”
“Wait 60 years”

To the racist man/woman that sent this to my African-American fiance, a well educated/trained, reporter in New York. Stranger you are the problem in America and people who think exactly like you.
The idea of preventing another race from producing is Sadistic!
In Khristopher J.Brooks’ 16 years of writing and reporting, since college, this is something he has not had to deal with until now. I just wanted to share. #Imtired #smh #notblackoncampus #blackinamerica #Racism #isthisHitlerlilnephew #Iprayforthatmanssoul #Messingwithgodschild

His response:

It ain’t nothing we can do unless we move to The Netherlands, like I said. So if we don’t, we just gotta sit here, deal with it, and laugh. That man don’t sign my checks. The woman who does likes me and is from Detroit and WANTS color in her newsroom, so Im good I’m out here getting this money, so…………what the fuck everimage


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