Facebook post Critics

I’m sorry- 😩At what point did someone make you a dictator over rather something is wrong or right?

It’s wrong that the day before the Paris bombing 43 people where killed in Beirut.

It’s wrong that 100+ people got killed in Paris.

It’s wrong that Mizzou students are getting called babies for telling the world about the  racism on their Campus/Ithaca too.

People still think Racism doesn’t exist any more.
Privilege is real.
No one knew about the University murders in Kenya that happened in April until Today!
The same criticism was brought upon when 300 girls got snatched in Africa.
The media controls all the stuff you are aware or choose to pay attention to.
ISIS are cowards & they make most of y’all think Muslims are bad.
Christians are being murdered daily but you won’t hear too much of that in the Media because people are scared to talk about religion.
There is a #Fightfor15.
Vets fight for America and Most come home to no healthcare and no job.
People in America are starving.
Student Loan debt is a problem.
AND we all still sitting behind a computer/cell phone judging each other about who supports what because of their profile picture.
Talking about sheep and trends. (Yet we all on Facebook)
All this will be out ya mind next week!
You point and three fingers are pointing right back at you.
My mind has full compacity to be aware of MORE stuff going in the world right now than ONE issue or one problem or one Fight. I could list them all but I’m tired of being #Pettywap  #postWTFyouwant #Watchthefriendsdrop #IsaidWhatIsaid #praylistSkrong #Reallife #FeelfreetoAddtothelist #WhatareReallydoingtoHelp #WhereisyourNonprofit #EveryManReallyforThemselves #Buthurt #Ornah #YoureadallThat
Khris replies: This would all be easier if we said fuck it all and moved to The Netherlands


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