The Pri Party is postponed #THEPRIPARTY

I know you guys were as excited as I was. I spent all week trying to promote it all over my social media accounts. I made new friends and even got my follows up to 600+. I can definitely say that I know how to do a social media campaign.

If your going out tonight still hashtag it with #THEPRIPARTY and I will shout you out Next Saturday on My show. Post your pictures and have fun tonight. I won’t be able to help you turn up tonight but I will be on Full force Next Saturday at 8 p.m.

This way I can have an extra week to find me a co-host may a whole crew of people to hang out with me in the studio. The long wait will be worth it. I promise. I have my play list set! This means I can focus on more work. I appreciate all those that have been reading my blog and checking for me.



You know sports rule and girls drool. LOL Unfortunately, because I am a new show, they are so used to Saturday slots being empty and forgot to mention that there was going to be an away game tonight at 7:30 P.M I call it divine intervention. It seems to be the only Saturday game that is at 7:30! on a Saturday, this season. In the Future I will try to find an alternative slot to get to my listeners.


I’m upset but I think this just means that I will get bigger and better for the premiere day. I am so Glad I didn’t make any flyers.

There is nothing in the way next week so BE READY!!!

I guess I could have a Co-Host search.

I need a Co-host Female or Male, that is a student at any of the surrounding colleges that are interested in Mass communications-Preferably Radio Broadcast or TV. If your just interested in Radio that is fine too. You must be interested in the type of music I am playing. I need someone that is all about getting others excited and knows how to promote what we are doing. Who knows we could become a super duo!!

I’m your Host Prina dean WhatChu Mean Signing out.



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