So Eminem Has a New Jordan OUT??

So at what point this music, fashion and mass communications collide? Well a long time ago.

For all the sneaker heads out there it seems that Eminem had come out with his own version of the Jordan’s.

I personal had to shout this on out because I’m from Detroit also and I love to show love to my people.

here is a short view of how they may look. Check it out.


via Eminem’s Instagram account

Via the site


The Air Jordan IV x Shady x Carhartt shoe marks the third collaboration between world-renowned rapper and the Jordan Brand. The inclusion of classic workwear brand Carhartt, and their recognizable rough and rugged material, gives this collaboration an aggressive look and feel that compliments Eminem’s signature style.

The famous Carhartt canvas material makes up the upper of the iconic Air Jordan IV, which also features graphics from Eminem and Shady Records. The ShadyXV logo, commemorating the 15th anniversary of the label, appears below the famous Jumpman. Eminem’s trademark hockey mask and backwards “E” logo appear on the heel of the shoe.

The Marshall Mathers Foundation is a charitable organization dedicate””

for more info on release date check it out here

cover photo via the Guardian


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