Halle Berry’s Ex Bickering on Twitter

Whoa! David Justice and Eric Benet formed an unlikely fraternity on Twitter last night, when Justice took to social media to blast his ex-wife Halle Berry. Oh, the shade that was thrown.

It all started when Justice decided it was time to share his side of the story when it comes to the rumors that he abused Berry during their five-year marriage. (Berry previously revealed that one of her exes left her deaf in one ear, and many did the math to conclude that it was, in fact, Justice.) “Halle never said I hit her,” Justice tweeted, going on to not-so-subtly imply that the abusive ex is Wesley Snipes. “It was a former Hollywood boyfriend (WS) that she told me!” Via BET.com

I don’t see why two men are going in on a women via Twitter. They can just call each other other on the phone. I swear the older more celebrities get and the more technology we get they just get more dum than before. I guess it is a way to get you name in the headlines if no one has been paying attention to  you. I guess you can look at social media at the offical Kicker starter of all or most people and there careers.

But I am going need them to get off my girl Halle Berry. I am sure there are some untold truths they don’t want to admit and it is not all of her fault as to why they are no longer with her. Duh everyone knows the the ex-man that made her go deaf in one ear was Wesley Snipes. I couldn’t see Eric B. doing more than a scratch to someone and by mistake in their sleep

via BET

Cover Photo VIA Getty Images for the Huffingtonpost


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