“The PRI Party”

Back in the day they used to call me Party Prina. I used to stay downtown in Detroit, Michigan and partying is what we did. I stayed in some high-rises above the city and all of my friends would come down and get pre-ready to go out for the night. This is something that everyone can relate to right? Even if you were not in the mood to go out and maybe you were just going because it was a friends birthday, the PRE-Party was all you needed to get you in the mood. It’s not a new concept, of course, but they way we did it made the rest of our night epic. 


The main components of a pre-party are food, music, and drinks, if you’re into that. If you can get hype without the drinks then the more effective it was. We would have drinks on top of drinks. Keeping the bottle was a signature move. We would keep the bottles as if they were trophy’s. “Yeah I drank that” and “Remember when we killed that bottle?” Then you need some snacks, especially when you are partying that much there will be some days when many of your friends will be broke. Eating and drinking before going out is the whole point of the pre-party. Chips and dip, chicken wangs, or even if you just make some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

My Radio Concept

My Name is Deprina, see the PRI? I was meant to host a show called the PRI party. My new show is going to be sold on this concept. College kids are forever partying. that is the reward for all those late nights studying and learning to conquer the world. So before you and the crew go out to party make sure you’ll tune into “”the PRI party””


Broadcasting live from the Marshall Student Center 24/7
1620 AM on campus, WUSF 89.7 HD3 Tampa and streaming worldwide at Bullsradio.org

Back in the day we always met up at my crib before going out. Had the radio banging, snacking and everyone was getting pretty. The key to a PRI party is that Music on the radio is  getting you in the Mood. So I think that is what I want my concept to be. People will forever party and will for every need that boost.


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