It’s not often that I get a chance to sit down and write a complete thought about my outlook on people and the relationships they have with others. I will start by saying if you can’t accept a person for who they are, then you shouldn’t be friends with them at all. I’m not saying dodge the corner when you see them or ignore them when they are in your presence.

You can be cordial although you may not like someone or even if you hate to look at their face. If your friend is a hoe, accept it and get on with the friendship. If you can’t be friends with a hoe then don’t be her friend, don’t go to the club with her and don’t invite her to stuff. Don’t be fake and talk behind her back. Let her know- I would like to keep our relationship at associated level. Sometimes it hard for people to tell the truth or “keep it real”. I think that if you tell others the truth but in a nice way they will respect you more. I have many different friends from all walks of life and I know that I can’t act the same around all of them because each person has a different personality type.  If I have a friend that is emotional, I won’t bore her with stories of death or sadness. My friend with the strong personality and nothing effects her, she will get all the other stories and news.

                   I like to think of myself as an “acceptor” as if it is a super power that only a few people acquire in life. These powers consist of being ok with friends of all races, and differences,  disabilities and anything that could be considered short comings to the outside word. ill never deny a friendship because of the way you dress, wear your hair or speak.

I like to think of myself as a Friend for all. Some people may think…..

We all have out limits, though. The only thing I can’t deal with is an evil or disrespectful person. A person that may be stuck in their ways or they are controlling. I have never met anyone like that so far and the day I do you better believe I’ll be removing myself from their presence. I think this theory runs true for all relationships. I have heard and seen stories of people who came out as gay to their wife. Should have told her. If she loves you she would be ok with it and she could move on and get another man that was straight. Happily ever after. If your man is a cheater don’t get mad every time you see him doing sneaky stuff. You know what it is, clearly you have accepted it. Stop lying to yourself. stop changing your ideas and views on life to make other people happy. I refuse to do that. I remember going to a meetup and all the women got on a topic about how they no longer believe in GOD My look was like.

I just sat there in silence, I prayed to myself and patiently waited for that part of the conversation to end. When I was asked” Deprina Why are you so quiet? I was like.. Shhhoooot I love me some Jesus I praise Him every day and all the time. OKAY” hahaha One thing I would never doing is have a conflicting conversation about God/religion and politics. There is never a happy medium and there can never be an agreement. That’s just the way of the world. Accept the things that you are comfortable with and reject all the other bullshit. Easy right.. Until Next time… #Comment


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