“We Hope for Better Things…It Shall Arise from the Ashes.”

“We Hope for Better Things…It Shall Arise from the Ashes.” this is writing in Latin on The City of Detroit Flag. Today Tuesday September 6, while siting in a study room in the center of New York University, a professor walks pass and says to me, “Hey did you here about the fires in Detroit?”.  I quickly locate the Free Press story online, as I read the article i am expecting it to say it was arson of some sort, but it wasn’t. Most people when they read a story like this they will b quick to assume that it was the residents of Detroit that did this to them selves but this was not the case. Heavy winds and a lot of down power lines were blamed for the 85 fires that swept across the city over Tuesday night. I am sadden to read that many people have lost homes, even 9 straight houses on one block, businesses, garages and a lot of the Abandoned buildings on the East and West side of my city. High temperatures, Lack of rain and High wind gust of 40-50 mph were the perfect combination to cause this catastrophe.

Courtesy of Detroit Free press Website

I have worked with the Detroit Historical Society (http://www.detroithistorical.org/main/dhm/current_exhibits_details.aspx?ID=16) and one of the first thoughts that came to my mind was the phrase, “It shall Arise from the Ashes”. Through out the history of Detroit, there have been many fires in the city and the whole city or fort  itself burned to the ground before it became a huge city back in 1805. I lived in Detroit for 26 years, recently moving to the New York area only a week ago. I love my city and that love stems from me knowing a lot about the History and the greatness of the area. From frontiers to factories, from the Steam ships to the auto Industry, and the Building boom of the 1920’s, when people thought, “In Detroit, Life is worth living”. I will always believe that from events of the past  Detroit can only get better. Lets think about it, Maybe this unexpected even will have a domino effect, Opening up more fire stations, hiring more fire fighters, rebuilding all the areas that were affected by the fires. the community will come together and be a helpful hand to their neighbors. This would seem to be the perfect solution.

Public Safety is a major concern for any large city, and its true that they are going to do more investigations into why this happened, was there too many down power lines that were never fixed by DTE? Are there too many dry, rot abandoned houses in the city that where a nesting field for fire? Bottom line if the residents of a city don’t feel protected then they will run and scatter to other areas that are concerned about their life. More police present, more fire stations, more schools, more public transportation, more events, and more business that are accessible to the residents. Wouldn’t that be great? this would show that Your City, My first Love Detroit is concerned about my life, My safety, my child’s education, How I am able to get back and forth to work, my social well-being and making it easy for us to get to Major chain stores like Kroger, Kmart, and Wal-Mart without having to go to the out skirts of the city to get it.

In closing, I hate to hear stuff happening to my City of Detroit that isn’t good and is not helping to refurbish it to the Great place we all know it can be. I have Detroit pride where ever I go, and one day soon Our City, Your City will be ” Detroit, the City worth Living”.

Downtown Detroit from the People Mover December 2009

Chao Bello


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