And the Count Down begins……..

And The Count down begins……
It’s down to the last 30 days that I will be in Detroit. Things the normal person would expect would be parties, celebration or maybe even a “Hey let me take you out for drinks” type of agreement. Well this isn’t the case for me. It’s my last day here in Detroit and I’m Miserable, tired and broke. Ill explain because it still doesn’t make me want to say fuck it I’m not going. First, I’m miserable because it’s very hard to look for an apartment in New York City. Yes this is a big city but with big cities come big problems like people trying to run scams on you. Momma didn’t raise no fool.
I have been trying to debug the difference between a SCAM and a person that is legit. Our first encounter seem as if it was legit but when the day came for us to send the man down payment for an apartment, not only did he speak and Indian accent (by the Way any one Named Desmond Scott had to speak a lick of real English or that’s not your real name) but he had a problem calling us on the phone. Question would you send someone 1000$ in New York and they don’t even have the resources to call you on the phone? Seems a little suspicious to me. Besides looking out for the scam artist, I have to come to realize that my 1200 square feet apartment in Detroit will be reduced to a 400square feet apartment for the same price in New York!
Who cares if you can stand in one spot and watch TV, laundry, eat, and sleep your in New York City so suck it up.
My Second emotion is tired. I feel like there is a lot of selfishness going on among my friends. All they  can think about is “You’re leaving us, we feel abandoned”. What ever happened to Friends being happy that you are doing something different with your life besides doing EXACTLY what everybody else is doing around you. This would have been my last birthday in Detroit this year. Did my friends plan it, and pay for it? Hell no my boyfriend did oh and my momma. Yet I’ve planned and set up their parties for the past couple of years. You know what they did… they went to Chicago the Weekend before so everybody was broke the weekend of my Birthday.
Wow is all I could say to that, but the worst part is I didn’t even get a souvenir. I don’t know how many times I have brought gifts back to my buddies when I have come from out of town.  Finally, I’m leaving in 27days now and there’s no big going away party, no one is happy for me that I’m going (as far as friends). My step mother is excited that I’m going because she once had to make that decision in life. All I can say is I’m 26 years old without any children or debit. I can pick up and go any time I please and what’s so wrong with that? Am I wrong for wanting to Leave, explore and mess up a little, no I don’t think so. I’m tired of the people who judge me and dedicate status messages to me. What are friends for though they have decided to plan a fucking trip out of the town the same week I leave Just brilliant! Man if I didn’t have such good people in my life what would I do. (this is me being sarcastic!)
I am Broke! This may be something I need to get used to. Now I have had excessive amounts of money of the years but it’s my own fault that I never really saved any of it. I have spent hundreds on partying it up in Detroit, going shopping and buying 90$ packs of weaving hair. You may laugh at me and say dam girl. This is how I am living and I believe I would probably continue to live like this is I stay here.
Of course, I won’t be completely broke coming into New York but it will teach me how to be more frugal. I am already the type of woman that won’t spend much money on clothes but will make sure a bill is at zero. I refuse to spend the rest of my life making a lot of money and paying a lot of bills. I’m moving to New York everybody and I just can’t wait. it’s a fast city, but I will take it on head first. Whether it’s making friends with the Chinese girl I will see on the train every day or visiting every single museum while I’m there. I’m interested in Life and learning more about  New York.
Who knows in a year you may catch me as an Extra in a Movie or a backstage assistant on MTV. I’m going to the city with little dreams hoping that they flourish into something bigger and better. This will be the test of Independence. Wish me luck even if no one else will. Let me end this posting by sharing a message that was sent to me, it made me feel better about moving. VIA Facebook:


In my
In My “Detroit” hat

“There is no need to fear moving away to a new city. Contrary to popular belief, you won’t be “leaving” your family, you just can’t run over their house in a ten-minute car ride. And that’s a blessing in disguise because it will force you to have true independence. And it’s not like you are going to New York alone. Every morning when you wake up, your husband will be laying next to you, asking if you want some eggs over hard or some cereal. And when you go to bed at night, I will be there again, asking you if you wanna watch a movie or have your back rubbed. New York has its dangerous areas, but you will be nowhere near them. You will be home before it gets too late inside a warm, gated and guarded home that has our laptops and bed and cherry pancakes. No matter what happens outside, when it’s all said in done, you will be able to come to a warm home, eat food and contact the outside world through your cell phone. The rest is just an adventure waiting for us to take on. “-Khristopher Brooks

When someone can say this to you it can only make you feel great about the decisions you make in your life. Thanks for reading!!

One thought on “And the Count Down begins……..

  1. love the blog….as a person looking to move to the chicago for good very soon I can totally relate! Good read


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