Welcome Our New Student….Her name is Deprina Godboldo, New York ..Say HI!

Hi New York

You ever wake up from a long nap and you can’t seem to figure out if it’s early in the morning or late in the evening. You will jump and search for the nearest clock, maybe your cell or Ipod? Your relieved once you find out that its just 7pm and not 7am. You’re not late for work and haven’t missed out on your Friday evening. This is Very common among us all but in the next couple of months I can imagine that when I wake up in the morning I’m going to forget that I’m in New York City, not on vacation but here to stay! This will be the first time in my whole life that I have made a final decision to move out of my hometown of Detroit, MI. Though I have thought of it plenty of times over the years with not much push behind it or family encouragements, I will be moving to New York & starting a new life and a new beginning.

I have lived in Detroit my Whole life its all I have ever known. The media and outside world thinks this is such a bad place but Detroit is over 300years old and it’s where Car factories where built, the first cement street was paved and Kmart Got started. I’m a young lady 26 years old about 5’5’ in height, solid build with a curvy figure, light skinned complexion with chubby cheeks. My favorite past time is to walk the Detroit River Walk or watch a good movie. I love my Car with the race strips on the side and a fresh pack of weave from the beauty supply store. My life In Detroit is good. I’m used to the weather I know the people and I could probably tell you where everything is located.  Why would I want to go?  The economy is bad I should play it Safe.  New York is so expensive. You don’t know anyone there. Where would you work or live? All the questions are the comments I don’t have answers to them all but I can tell you one thing, on August 30th 2010 Deprina Godboldo will be in route to New York City.
I don’t know what to expect when I move away. My friends probably won’t call; they barely do that now, my family may wonder what I’m getting into on a daily basis. Being in a new state is like the first day at a new school. I now have to make new friends, find a new job and learn the area all over again. There is only so much Google can tell me and it doesn’t matter how long I spend on the internet studying maps and learning the subway system it’s going to be a different story when I actually arrive in New York. I can just hope that with a population of 8million people I can meet that one person who is willing to be my first NYC friend.
I’ve decided to Blog about my experiences along the way. Once a week or maybe a couple times a day I will let everyone know what I’m doing, where I went and how many times I get lost. There will be a lot of stories, Facebook updates and a lot of tweets (@AnirpedBackward). We will be living here for about 2 years. Yes I said we, did I forget to mention my Boyfriend will be with me the whole way attending NYU. My plan is to attend the Boroughs of Manhattan Community College by the winter.  You never know what I may run into while in this new city, but one thing is for sure I won’t run into the same things I have in Detroit. My father once told me (actually more than once) “Deprina your Going to be Great One day”,  and I still believe that I have a reason why I have mad it to the age of 26 years old with no kids, major debit or illnesses. There is nothing holding me or you back from doing what you want or Being who you want and I plan to do just that. My first order of business will be visiting every museum in New York City before my two year stint is up. Well shall see who will be the first to visit me, the first to send me some Faygo pop and the last person to call me every night. This should be fun. Until next time, follow me, Tweet me and Read about me. Thanks Chao Bella

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