May He Rest In Peace…Live your Life to the Fullest

Today I attended a funeral for my cousin Ricco Boyd(February 2010). He lives in Indiana but for some reason he came to stay in Detroit for a couple of months, it’s almost as if it was an unconscious goodbye to us. We loved him dearly and his passing was very tragic for us simply because his car accident was the result of “Sending a Text Message while driving”. We have seen the stories, the you tube videos, or even that one episode of Opera Winfrey. Text messaging while driving is dangerous but taken lightly among those that think “Hey I’m a professional when it comes to texting” but still this is a issue among our youth and the older adults that are learning how to text. You never really understand the warnings until it happens to you. Almost like the saying “I need to see it with my own eyes.” I always text message and drive, read status updates from facebook and even read new post on Yet after February 10 2010 I vowed not toMy Cousin Ricco Boyd send a text while driving again because my cousin crashed in to a truck at 930pm at night and instantly burnt into flames. They couldn’t even identify him at the morgue. This was the first funeral that I attended where the person was close to me and was cremated. The only things we could post were plenty pictures and slide shows of my cousin Ricco Boyd. I haven’t yet balled out in tears and some may call that strong but it’s only because I am holding in all the thoughts of him and the memories of Him….can u imagine what was going through his mind when he lost control? Did he get a chance to call on the lord? Did god take his soul before he had to endure the suffering of burning alive? When I think of this…..then I shed tears…I loved my cousin and it makes me think about how I should spend more time with my family and the people around me. But is that setting my self up? Creating all these memories that will cause me to cry uncontrollably at a funeral…maybe I’m controlling my future so I won’t think about the good times when the bad events happen. In all I just want to say I’m sad for the passing of my Cousin but I know he is going to a better place where god is waiting and watching over him. He is in a better place with no worries and no stress… Life is so dam precious people you want and need to live it to the fullest. I’m 25 years old and there has got to be a reason I have no relationship or kids. It’s meant for me to do more than just live in Detroit and love it to death. I need to venture out and live a full life. If I can’t leave kids as my legacy I can at least say I did this went here and did that. This Ultimately lead to my decision to go head take a risk in life and move away to New York….until next time…Stay Blessed and Love life


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